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Travel Guide

If you really want to see Crete you have to move outside the framework of standardized touristic trips.

You need to travel independently, freely, comfortably, without commitments and time restrictions.

With a rental car, all of Crete is at your fingertips. Four prefectures, four contemporary urban centers, innumerous picturesque villages, hundreds of small and large beaches, places with unique natural beauty, places with archaeological interest, all come closer.

Best Cars Rental has collected some information for you about the most important destinations in the broader area of central Crete. Of course, this is not an exhaustive list. There is much more out there, but it is for you to discover. So, do not waste any time. Book the rental car that best fits your needs today and get to see the side of Crete no one has ever seen.


Crete consists of four prefectures, Chania with Chania City as its capital, Rethymno with Rethymno City as its capital, Heraklion with Herakleion City as its capital and Lasithi with Agios Nikolaos City as its capital. With a rental car, all major cities of Crete are easily accessible through the North Road Axis (all of them lay on north side of the island).


Cretan coast length which reaches 1,000 km says it all. Small or large, isolated or popular, organized or "wild", exotic or Mediterranean, all beaches of the largest island in Greece are beautiful. It is by accident that some of them have been globally awarded and continue to do so.

Book your rental car in Crete now, choosing the safety and reliability of Best Cars, and... sea for yourself.


The real Cretan spirit lives in the villages. Some of them consist of just a few houses, whereas others have taken the form of large agglomerations. All of them have life. Here, in the Cretan inland, economic and touristic growth has not yet managed to destroy the natural environment nor Cretans' traditions, morals and mores.

Here, you will experience the real Cretan hospitality.

The best way to cruise around the villages of Crete is by renting a car, since it grants you the independence, the convenience and the safety you need.

Archaeological Interest

Having gone through many periods of foreign domination, Crete carries the signs all of all Mediterranean and Eastern ancient civilizations. Crete itself was the mother of the most glorious civilization of all, the Minoan Civilization. The archaeological findings that have so far seen the light of day are of huge significance, not only from a scientific point of view but also from an anthropological one as well (ex. Phaistos Disk). Yet, all the more are being discovered.

Accommodation and Tour Suggestions

For your accommodation and holiday arrangements in Crete, Best Cars Rental suggests: Amazing Villas for Rent, Palazzo Diacqua Venetian Luxury House for Rent

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