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Rent a Car in Rethymno

Nobody visits Rethymno only once. This is best expressed by the lyrics of our favorite musician and songwriter, Giorgos Stavrianos: "Rethymno is not the city you go, it is the city you go back". Rethymno may be small (third largest city after Heraklion and Chania), but it has a huge heart. Here you will experience the famous Cretan hospitality in its most authentic form. Take it all in, it is the best in the world...

As in all Cretan cities, Rethymno is full of Venetian features. Until today, Rethymno has very a strong relationship with Venice, since it constitutes one of the best preserved Venetian cities in the Mediterranean. The landmark of the city is the Castle of Fortezza, which was built to protect Venetians from Ottoman navy attacks. Behind the castle, lays the Old Town of Rethymno, with numerous scenic alleys and memorials. Visit one of the several traditional coffee shops, get to meet the locals and make sure that you try the traditional Cretan cuisine. You will never forget the experience.