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Rent a Car in Chania

Chania has been characterized as the "Venice of East". And this not by chance, since there are ample Venetian elements specifically in the Old Town and the port. But, the Venetian character is not the only thing that makes Chania one of the most beautiful cities in the Mediterranean. Renaissance, Byzantine, Ottoman and many contemporary features come together creating a cosmopolitan and at the same time Mediterranean flair.

In addition, Chania is the location where the ancient Minoan Civilization built "Kydonia", a very important city-state with boarders from the sea to Lefka Ori (White Mountains). Archaeological research in several districts has shown that the area was inhabited since the Neolithic Era.

Start your tour from the Old Town. Walk in the alleys and around the port and feel the energy of all the civilizations that lived there. Continue east to the beach of Koum kapi or Gate of Sand. All city's nightlife is located there. As you walk, you will see many small stores and coffee shops. Visit them to have a taste of the real Cretan tradition.

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